"Despu├ęs del incendio, toda la noche..." at COMA Festival

On Thursday, January 21, at 6 pm., Sax-Iberian Project (Francisco Martínez and Henrique Portovedo), will perform the version with tenor saxophone of Después del incendio, toda la noche..., a work on a poetic text by Pilar Martín Gila, to multichannel electronics and video. The piece, which has the voice of the soprano Sylvie Robert and the poet in the electronic part, deals with a story that takes place in a zoo in a Balkan city during the last war in this region. The lion's roar becomes a symbolic element and essential sound material in speech. The concert will take place in the Sala Manuel de Falla of SGAE, in Madrid, and will include works by Pedro Guajardo, Consuelo Díez, Marisa Manchado, Manuel Tévar and Eduardo Pérez Maseda.

"Metaphors of Metals" at Salamanca

On Friday, January 8, at 8:00 p.m., Trío Contrastes will perform the work Metaphors of Metals, written by Sergio Blardony for clarinet, violin and piano, at the Casa de las Conchas at Salamanca, in a program entitled "Abandonados", in which photographs of the artist Victorino García Calderón will be screened. The concert will also perform works by Nino Díaz, Ahmed Alabaca, Ronaldo Miranda, Marcos Cohen and A. Arutiunian.